What activities are involved that you can choose from?


  1. Prerequisite: Create a Baseline for Energy Use
  2. Track Energy Usage for Challenge
  3. Conduct a Lighting and Lighting Controls Audit
  4. Upgrade all T12 and Incandescent Lighting
  5. Upgrade all Exit Signs to LED bulbs
  6. Conduct an Appliance and Electronics Survey
  7. Write a Power-Down Policy
  8. Utilize a Programmable Thermostat


  1. Prerequisite: Conduct a Pre-Challenge Commuter Survey
  2. Learn about Transportation Options
  3. Encourage Active Modes of Transportation through Incentives
  4. Provide Bicycle Storage
  5. Encourage Teleconferencing
  6. Conduct a Post-Challenge Commuter Survey


  1. Prerequisite: Establish Pre-Challenge Waste Baseline
  2. Distribute List of Recyclable Items to Staff
  3. Conduct Post-Challenge Waste Assessment
  4. Provide Reusable Dishware
  5. Ban Styrofoam Purchases
  6. Expand collection of recyclable materials
  7. Repurpose or reuse office materials
  8. Donate Items to local charities


  1. Prerequisite: Create a Baseline for Water Use
  2. Track Water Usage for Challenge
  3. Educate Staff on Water Efficiency
  4. Audit Water Fixtures
  5. Install Low Flow Faucet Aerators
  6. Sign up for the Billion Gallon Water Challenge

IGOC Water Conservation Video

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